Wokingham residents help Council to devour food waste collection targets.
PRESS RELEASES | November 7, 2019

Wokingham residents help Council to devour food waste collection targets.

Greenredeem members lead the way in helping lift the Borough’s recycling rate towards 50%.
Oxford, 6th November 2019. Residents in Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) have responded incredibly well to the introduction of a new food waste collection service, with Greenredeem helping residents to understand why it’s good to recycle food waste, or plan better so that food waste is not created in the first place.
According to WRAP, the charity that advises local authorities on recycling, the average UK family wastes £810* of food each year. That’s more than £20bn* of food waste thrown away by UK families.
Greenredeem members in WBC – of which there are now over 22k households participating, learnt about how food waste was recycled, what the environmental benefits are, and shared in the success of the scheme. With pledges, quizzes, blogs & videos to take part in, Greenredeem made sure that learning about the new food waste recycling service was fun & rewarding. During the campaign WBC residents took over 82k activities on the Greenredeem website.
Irum Gulzar, Specialist in Waste Management & Education at WBC said “Greenredeem provide a valuable digital communications tool for us to encourage food waste participation in a fun and engaging way!”
WBC operates a weekly residual collection, which can make it tempting for residents to simply put all food waste out for collection with general waste. However, food waste collections are averaging 1.6kg/hh/wk, which is higher than expected. The knock-on effect of the communications and awareness raising campaigns have also resulted in an increase in their black box dry recycling service of 482 tonnes.
Based on the current trend, WBC will achieve a 7% increase in their overall recycling rate for 2020, which will raise recycling levels to 50%. This will put the Borough, and the effort that residents are making, into a select bracket of councils in England to achieve the government’s recycling target of 50% of waste being recycled by 2020.
Matthew Ball, Managing Director at Greenredeem said,“We’re so pleased that WBC residents have reacted so positively to the new food waste collection service and worked to reduce and recycle the amount of food waste that they produce. With 7million tonnes of food being waste each year in the UK, it’s really encouraging to see WBC residents playing their part in reversing that trend.

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