Pledge to reduce the energy consumption in your home

Pledge to reduce the energy consumption in your home

This month we’re focussing on energy and how we can go about saving it. When we save energy, we reduce our impact on the environment but perhaps more beneficial; we save money. To help you reduce your impact we’ve got some great tips to help get you started.

Tip 1: Install a smart meter

How can you expect to know where to save energy if you don’t know where you’re spending it? When you install a smart meter, you can discover trends about when and where you use more energy. Is it during the evenings, at the weekend, or are the random spikes that align with a particular appliance? By installing a smart meter, you can start to build a picture of your energy consumption to see where you can save.


Tip 2: Target your appliances

When we buy an appliance, we tend to look for money-saving options. One way to do this is to buy an appliance with a higher energy rating. Of course, going out and purchasing brand new appliances throughout your home is not the best way to save money which is why we suggest prioritising the ones that use the most energy first. Your fridge and freezer are continually running and use a lot of energy; there aren’t many ways to reduce their usage, so make sure they’re super-efficient and first on your replacement list.

Tip 3: Take what you can get

Small changes always add up to make a big difference, which is why making the changes that you can is vital. Ensure you switch off appliances when they’re not in use. Swap to energy-efficient light bulbs. Give up the tumble dryer and dishwasher. Each effort will add up to you saving energy and money.

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