What's Greenredeem?

At Greenredeem we motivate people to take everyday green actions. We all lead busy lives, but by making small simple changes, we can be kinder to the planet.

Whether it’s taking a shallower bath, turning the taps off when you brush your teeth, or washing your car less, all these small changes can add up to make a big difference.

** only national charities are involved during this pilot phase.

Why Join?

What's in it for you...

Gift vouchers

Use less water

The average family uses 150 litres per person everyday - which is the equivalent of a person having two baths a day!

By joining the Greenredeem incentive programme, we'll give you expert advice and help you save water in your home.

Money off

Check your savings

The more your community saves, the more you're rewarded. 

For every ten litres saved, your community will earn one point. At the end of the month all the points earned are split across members in your area.

Days out

Get rewarded

Choose how you want to spend your points, it could be on a cup of coffee, or it could be a donation to a charity.

You can earn up to 250 points after signing up, which is enough for 5 entries into our prize draw!

Why be water smart?

The east of England is the driest region in the UK, receiving less rain annually than the rest of the country. Not only does saving water help keep our water levels balanced, it also has a positive impact on our environment and brings your bills down too.

Challenges we face in the east
  • We have one of the fastest growing populations in the country, meaning we have more people to provide water to, but less raindrops than everywhere else
  • Climate change means our weather is more unpredictable, and that we continue to receive less rain and have hotter, drier summers
  • But... if everyone used a little less water, there would much more to share around!

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