Motivating students to be more sustainable



In January 2019, Greenredeem was commissioned by Eton College to undertake a 3-month pilot to motivate a group of students in Manor House to become more sustainable.

Through the Greenredeem platform, students were motivated and rewarded for changing behaviour. Students participated in a series of campaign activities aimed at increasing the amount of recycling collected and reducing the amount of waste. They also learnt more about what happens to their waste and recycling.

Creating an engaged community

The College had identified recycling and waste management as an opportunity to not only improve knowledge for the students, but also to improve the facilities available.

The pilot saw a complete review of the way in which waste and recycling was collected in the College, with new recycling points, signage and facilities being established.

Through the Greenredeem platform, students participated in learn and earn activities, encouraging them to learn more about what happens to their waste and recycling. Throughout this pilot, collection and weight data was analysed to understand the impact that the platform was having on recycling and waste, whilst qualitative feedback was gathered from participants

A comprehensive approach to improving waste management at Eton

Working with the existing waste management partner to Eton College, the Greenredeem scheme was introduced as the centerpiece of a top to bottom pilot to understand how to best manage waste and recycling in the College.

Prior to the campaign launching, Greenredeem reviewed the current collection points at the College and introduced new recycling bins and signage, providing greater understanding, additional communications tools, and a more professional appearance to the facilities in the college.



Marketing to students

The scheme was launched to students using a variety of channels, both online and offline. Working with the College, Greenredeem created a series of launch marketing media that raised awareness of the scheme, whilst also reinforcing messages regarding key challenges, such as reducing contamination. This was supported by a series of talks with the students at the College, explaining the aims, objectives and benefits of participating.
A bespoke area was created on the Greenredeem website, where students registered for the scheme. Following registration, students took a quick tour and then received a personalised welcome email, explaining how the scheme worked.

A significant emphasis was put on the scheme launch to maximise the number of students within Manor House that could be reached through Greenredeem. As a result, nearly 70% of the students in Manor House signed up to the scheme.

Motivating behaviour change

With the community built, students were motivated to change their behaviour to recycle more and waste less through a series of learn and earn campaign activities that were created specifically for them, and posted each month.

In total, students spent nearly 70% of points earned through activities, which demonstrated the high level of engagement

Each campaign contained 6 bespoke Eton College activities, where students could earn points for participating. Different techniques were used, and students experienced pledging, taking a quiz and watching content as a balanced approach to engaging and motivating behaviour change.

Over the course of the pilot, students took nearly 450 activities earning nearly 13k points. Those points could then be redeemed for gift cards at Eton Budgens, to win prizes in a prize draw or be donated to charities such as Cancer Research, RNLI or Help the Heroes.


Increased Recycling


Waste Reduced

Impact analysis & conclusion

The positive adoption by both staff and pupils resulted in a significant change in recycling and waste behaviours.

Over the pilot the amount of waste put out for disposal reduced, whilst the amount of recycling collected increased significantly, as shown below: This 3-month pilot has quickly established that by engaging with students in a fun and rewarding way, it is possible to change behaviour. Students have responded positively to the scheme, both in terms of participation and impact.

They have improved their knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues through the valuable education campaigns which they’ve participated in, whilst at the same time turning this into action. With recycling increasing by 81%, and waste reduced by 37%, this pilot has created a positive blueprint that can be adopted in many other educational establishments.

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