Celebrating success - 10 years of motivating recycling in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.


Background story

Greenredeem and the Royal Borough have worked in partnership for over 10 years, and have been at the forefront of motivating recycling behaviour change. Over that time, we’ve created a unique partnership that is engrained in a multitude of layers across the Borough.

From residents to schools, charities and local businesses, the partnership has delivered multiple benefits with fantastic results in terms of raising awareness, increasing recycling, reducing waste and driving the local economy.

As well as providing a communications platform linked to incentives, we've become the Council’s main channel to their residents. Through weekly emails and campaigns, residents receive information and learn more about their waste and recycling services in a fun engaging way.


There are 34,276 residents (60% of the borough) signed up to and engaged with Greenredeem, who are communicated to weekly. They take an average of 10,000 activities per month including; blogs, videos, quizzes and pledges relating to waste reduction and recycling.

For each activity taken, residents are rewarded with points. Residents can then spend their points by donating to local/national charities and schools, entering a monthly prize draw or choosing a personal reward. There’s something to motivate everyone!

“Working with Greenredeem over the last decade has seen our recycling rate steadily increase as Royal Borough residents understand the value of recycling.”

Cllr Donna Stimson (Lead member for environmental services RBWM)


Community donations

The Community Donations Programme helps raise support and funding for projects in the local community. 

At the end of each voting round (usually each quarter), the top 5 projects with the most points will automatically be awarded £1,000 each. 

School donations

Every six months residents are given the opportunity to help young people and donate their points to participating schools.  The last round had 18 schools that each received a share of a grant fund of £6,000.

As well as gaining a better understanding of waste and recycling, the platform provides the opportunity for schools to receive much needed funding for their eco projects.

Resident satisfaction in the Greenredeem scheme

Understanding resident satisfaction is vital to ensuring continued engagement and impact from the scheme. Regular satisfaction surveys are undertaken with our members, with the 2019 RBWM satisfaction survey results demonstrating how important the communications platform is to residents:


feel positive about the scheme


visit the website at least once a month


are satisfied with the email communications


have increased their environmental knowledge

Resident Communications

Source: Muni Data 2015/16

Impact and results

With an engaged audience of nearly 60% of the borough receiving weekly communications, the positive impact and behavioural change is demonstrated through the recycling improvements and reductions in residual waste.

The overall recycling rate in the Borough has increased from 35.9% in 2008/09 to 44.8% in 2017/18, representing an 8.9% overall increase.

Prior to July 2018, the points awarded to residents for recycling were linked to the weight of their individual bins, weighed as they were collected. Dry recycling was monitored and measured via RFID and vehicle weighing mechanisms, providing accurate data at household level. This approach allowed us to analyse performance at a granular level, adapting our marketing activity and approach as necessary, to motivate participation and drive continual improvement.

Greenredeem members recycle twice as much, and twice as often as non Greenredeem members

Every week, Greenredeem received bin collection data for all households in the Royal Borough. Information for unregistered households is held in an aggregated, anonymised database, whilst data for registered households is recorded individually, to allow for comparison. This data has been available for analysis since 2015 and includes over 3m bin weight records. From the chart below, the motivation that Greenredeem provides to drive a high level of recycling behaviour at home can be seen:

The annualised difference between members and non-members is just over 104kg per household. Recycling performance has seen an average increase over 824T a year, a 7.9% increase on recycling rates overall. This includes a reclassification in 2012/13 of street sweepings. The recycling rate increased from 34% in 2009/10 to 45% in 2017/18, representing an overall increase of 11%.

The impact of Greenredeem engaging and encouraging residents to change habits has also created a positive impact on residual waste. Residual waste collected has seen an average decrease over a 6-year period of 973T year, reflecting an absolute reduction of 14%.

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