Makeover your leftovers from humble to fabulous
FOOD & DRINK | November 1, 2018

Makeover your leftovers from humble to fabulous

Been watching Bake Off? If you missed the very first Vegan Week back at the beginning of October, you've still got a couple of weeks to catch up on their dairy-free creations.

We were particularly struck by the technical challenge: vegan pavlovas, baked from lashings of whipped up aquafaba – the liquid from tins of legumes – instead of the usual egg whites. Like most folks, we'd been rinsing our chickpea brine away for years, little suspecting that this unassuming leftover could produce a spectacular dessert. A quick google later and we had recipes for meringues, chocolate mousse and even an unctuous vegan mayonnaise.

Inspired, the Greenredeem team set out to find more similarly 'humble' leftovers that transform into foodie fantasies. Let us know what you think of these...

From milk that's on the turn to fluffy pancakes

When that milk starts to smell a little sharp, you now have the perfect excuse to indulge in some stodge! Make a big batch and freeze them for quick breakfasts and brunches. All you have to do is reheat and decide which toppings will grace your American-style pancake pile.

Pancakes with bananas and a jug of milk

From sad wilted salad to elegant sautéed greens

If you discover a bag o' salad that's seen better days, don't automatically head for the bin. Pull out any bits that are too wet and dark, then sauté the rest with a little olive oil and garlic. Easy side dish or posh cheese sandwich addition!

From carrot, radish or beetroot tops to garlicky pesto

Who says pesto has to be made with basil? Purists will tut, yet this versatile sauce is differently delicious with leftover kale, spring greens, spinach or even the tasty tops from carrots, radishes and beets. Expensive pine nuts aren't mandatory either, so switch things up with some hazelnuts, walnuts, toasted seeds or breadcrumbs – just make sure of the garlic, olive oil and a decent amount of salt and pepper.

Carrot tops on a chopping board

From potato peelings to posh crisps

What could possibly be more humble than a potato peeling? And what could be more satisfying than speedily transforming them into gorgeous twists of crisp?

From overripe bananas to delish microwave pudding

A family-friendly 20-minute recipe from start to finish, this sticky and sweet pudding is much, much more flavoursome when made with well-browned bananas. You know, those ones sitting forgotten on the windowsill...

Microwave banana pudding

From old cheese rinds to extra savoury bites

Unwaxed cheese rinds are just begging to be toasted until soft, bubbling and oh-so-salty. Perfect post-pub snackette! If you can't handle that level of decadence, freeze your leftover cheese rinds then pop them in your stews and pasta sauces for an extra hit of umami.

From bog-standard celebration chocolates to lovingly made treats

A great tip for the post Christmas or Easter periods. Your half-eaten Chocolate Oranges, odd Easter eggs or edible tree decorations and the rejected few at the bottom of the selection boxes, chopped, can find a good home in easy peasy cakes, cookies or a rich mousse.

How do you use up your leftovers? Share your favourite tricks and recipes with Greenredeem on Facebook or Twitter.

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