DIY your table decorations for Christmas
HOLIDAY & ENTERTAINING | November 29, 2014

DIY your table decorations for Christmas

We've got no time for tinsel, glitter and other plasticky frou-frou this Christmas! Instead, we'll be setting the table using glass, candles and natural decorations for an altogether more elegant feel.

Scouring the Internet for inspiration, we've happened across an array of beautiful, eco-friendly ideas, which we hope you'll enjoy too. Which is your favourite?



What looks like a vintage milk bottle holder cradles this positively delightful Christmas centrepiece. It's quite fiery, this one, so take extra care to ensure the candles are well set in their terracotta plant pot 'holders' and keep your sleeves out the way when you're passing the sprouts!  

When buying candles, look out for beeswax or vegan soy versions. Why? They're much kinder on the environment and the air quality in your home than standard paraffin wax candles.



Almost instant impact! Two-tone, scented tea lights add a fragrant dimension to the simplest of festive centrepieces. How long do you think it took to set up? Two minutes? That's our kind of interior decoration. 

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As soon as we saw Songbird's gentle Christmas wishes by candlelight we knew we'd have to share the tutorial with you. As well as at table, these would look welcoming in a porch, hallway or even outdoors on a frosty night. Start saving your empty jars now!



So clean and fresh - we're dreaming of a Christmas morning champagne breakfast around a table such as this! No need to track down the usual festive plants for the table décor: here they 've simply used cuttings from a boxwood hedge. Very eco reuse!



Ah, the smells, the smells of Christmas! As you'd imagine, when the glass warms up the cosy cinnamon stick wall starts to release its delicious fragrance.  Luckily for us, requires no crafting skill beyond tying a bow...



These traditional orange and clove pomanders were obviously created by someone with a good eye and a steady hand. Cheat it by using elastic bands as a guide for your carving and clove pierced patterns. Pile them up on a pretty plate and your centrepiece is done!



Hypnotic floating candles in the base of a big storage jar, surrounded by glistening winter berries... Hmm. We can't decide if we'd like that on our Christmas table or if it makes us feel like we're in a spa. Either way, it's certainly a striking arrangement.


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Don't forget the mistletoe... After the crackers, why not kick off the Christmas dinner with some hearty smackers under the mistletoe to remind you what it's really about: peace and love, goodwill to all. 



Far less embarrassing for tweens and teens who can't bear to witness grown-up relatives kissing (bleugh!) are these rustic napkin decorations. Garden twine, a cinnamon stick and a sprig of greenery from the garden is all it takes.


How do you decorate your table at Christmas? Share your thoughts and tips with us here or on Twitter and Facebook!