Sheds transformed into spaces for entertaining

Sheds transformed into spaces for entertaining

When is a shed not a shed? When it’s made over to create a flexible outdoor space for spending time with all kinds of guests, both large and small!

Shed with double doors open to reveal padded bench seating

Entertain both sun-worshippers and shade-lovers

This smart olive green number is a basic garden shed turned cool summer house. A coat of paint, a neat set of folding doors and a DIY cushioned bench make this the perfect hang out for a heatwave.  

And if you decide you need the storage space during the winter? Just pull out those cushions, rug and lampshade to return the outbuilding to its former use. 

Tip: Check your local charity shops to furnish your summer house cheaply

Entertain some foodies

Eating is generally better when you can see what’s on your plate(!), so take inspiration from this cute shed makeover and set up some lighting for your alfresco dining. 

Go for LED lighting for the greatest energy savings, or steer clear of plastic shenanigans altogether by opting for clean-burning soy or beeswax tea lights in reused jam jars

Tip: Window boxes can add valuable growing space to small gardens

Shed turned into a Caribbean style beach bar

Entertain some party people

If you only realised how many of the nation’s sheds live a double life as private bars and pubs in the evening… well, we imagine you’d want one of your own! 

This Caribbean-style, back garden shebeen created by a certain Nick from Bedfordshire is just one of hundreds submitted to the fascinatingly weird Reader’s Sheds website

Tip: Look on eBay for a rich selection of second-hand pub paraphernalia

Shed with fruit and vegetable plants on the roof

Entertain some fruit and vegetables

From one extreme to the other. 

Here’s a very different kind of submission from the Reader’s Sheds site… a very hard-working shed indeed. Not content with squeezing a sound-proofed music practice space, artist studio and bike workshop into his shed, Joel from London decided to crown this achievement with a bloomin’ allotment! 

Previous shed-top crops have included potatoes, courgettes, leaks, beetroot, onions, carrots, corn, broad beans, peas, mange tout, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, and he’s even managed to cram in a decent herb garden. 

Tip: Make the most of free materials such as old pallets, car tyres and wood offcuts. Try tracking them down on giveaway groups such as Freecycle, Freegle and local Facebay pages on Facebook

Shed with bug hotel wall and beekeeper standing with hives on the roof

Entertain some pollinators

We couldn't end without showing you... drum roll... the current reigning Shed of the Year. Created by beekeeper George Smallwood, this place is a pollinator's dream. With one wall devoted to a giant bee and bug hotel, a spiral staircase takes human visitors past sunflowers, a grape vine, bean plants and wildflowers up to a pair of beehives on the roof. 

George has harvested more than 14 litres of honey from his bees so far and plans to give each of the attendees at his upcoming wedding a small jar of shed honey as a gift.  

Tip: Help out wildlife by attaching bird feeders or bug hotels to your shed

Which one of these sheds would you most like to own? Have you done anything unusual with your shed? Share your thoughts and ideas with us at Greenredeem on Facebook or Twitter

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