Will you be a plastic-free Valentine?
HOLIDAY & ENTERTAINING | February 1, 2019

Will you be a plastic-free Valentine?

Grand gesture or cute surprise, emotional essay or a few well-chosen words, DIY or shops and buy; however you choose to share your feelings this Valentine’s Day, spare a thought for the natural world and steer clear of unnecessary plastics.

Plastic-free Valentine’s cards…

DIY it! Go for guilt-free sparkles on your homemade cards – polluting microplastics just don’t do it for us! Made from compostable film instead of plastic grit, Eco Glitter (£4) is ace for craft projects, children’s fun and general festive beautifying.

Homemade Valentine's card with glittery red heart on the front

Buy it! Etsy is our go-to for playful, fun cards without the environmental concerns. We love this zero-waste printed card from Ellie Good Illo (£2.75) – “no plastic in sight”, as she puts it!

Printed Valentine's card with heart inside the word YOU

Plastic free Valentine’s food…

DIY it! Once you’ve settled on a romantic menu, make up a shopping list including the amount of each ingredient. Figure out how many reusable containers and bags to take and toddle on down to your local independent food shops, zero-waste scoop-and-weigh or the deli counters at the supermarket. You’ll be home plastic-free in no time.

Borough Wines offer a refill system at their London shops and selected outlets nationwide (£6.50 for their house wines or £9 for premium wines). Pick up one of their reusable, pop-cap wine bottles and fill up with your choice of red, rosé or white.

If you really plan to push the boat out, a bottle of Sedlescombe’s English organic sparkling wine (£29) will put you in the right mood… and no plastic-lined foil to unwrap before you pop that cork!

Woman dispensing lentils in a zero waste shop

Buy it! Sometimes it’s lovely to have everything done for you; especially so if your hosts are thoughtful about their impact on the planet. Why not reserve a Valentine’s table for two at one of the fine dining restaurants that shun plastics, such as plastic-free Spring in central London or zero-waste Silo in Brighton?

Looking for local? Search on the Sustainable Restaurant Association website to find a list of waste-conscious eateries in your area.

Too cosy to think of cooking or leaving the house? Food delivery service Just Eat are trialling a host of plastic-banishing measures with their partner restaurants, including seaweed-based biodegradable sauce sachets and opt out tick boxes to stop single use plastic cutlery and other such nonsense arriving with our order.

Man and woman holding hands over a candlelit restaurant table

Plastic-free Valentine’s presents…

DIY it! Source loose ingredients in precise quantities if you’re baking a special treat for your sweetie. Weighing out only what you need saves money and means you aren’t left wondering what to do with unusual leftovers.

Rolled out pastry with heart cutters

Buy it! To celebrate a long-term love, forget cut flowers and go for a growing gift. Sentimental souls will love a fragrant potted rose, while more practical people might melt at an air purifying houseplant collection or the makings of a new veg patch.

Interesting, grown-up chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Yes please. London chocolatiers Melt are just as skilled at avoiding plastic as they are at concocting delicious treats.

Red roses growing in a garden

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