Ten free ways to stay cosy this February
HOME & GARDEN | February 1, 2018

Ten free ways to stay cosy this February

Did you know, based on averages from 130 years of weather data, the coldest day of the year for us is usually 17th February? And that day sits squarely in what is usually the coldest week of the year?

The 17th is a Saturday in 2018, so if you haven't got anything else planned (pity the poor sports fans on the terraces), why not devote yourself to extreme cosiness?

No need to whack up the central heating. Grab a good book from the library and burrow into these ten free ways to maximise your comfort...

1) Dress for the weather, even indoors

Think layers! Luxuriate in long thermal underwear, woolly jumpers, a couple of pairs of thick socks, even a knitted hat or fingerless gloves. It doesn't matter if you won't "feel the benefit" if you're not planning on going outside!

2) Let the sun shine in

If the day ends up bright yet chill, open those curtains and blinds on the sunny side of the house and let as much of that solar warmth in as possible. Close the window coverings and block off the cold glass as soon as dusk falls.

3) Tackle some housework

Hoovering, dusting, scrubbing, changing the bed sheets, flipping the mattress – so long as your tidying activity gets you moving you'll feel warmer when you flop down to relax.

4) Do some exercise

20 minutes of a YouTube yoga video, skipping, squats and lunges or, most fun, some ridiculous interpretive dance to some tunes from your youth will put the roses in your cheeks and warm up cold fingers and toes.

5) Cook up a storm

Chop, grate, stir and sauté your way to warmth! Having the oven on will naturally help to increase the temperature of your home, though avoid cooking anything too steamy as air with high humidity feels colder than dry air. Roasting and baking is better for keeping off the chill!

Why not try out our spicy batch cook recipes and get the freezer stocked up with some quick meals for later in the week?

When you're finished, leave the oven door open to make the most of the remaining heat as it cools.

6) Have a cup of tea

Did we really need to remind you? If you've been sitting still for a while and are starting to feel a nip in the air, a nice hot cup of your preference will warm your cockles – and your hands.

7) Keep that heat

Once you've found a cosy room to nest in, keep that heat in by keeping the doors firmly shut on chilly hallways, draughty landings or unheated ensuite bathrooms.

8) Tweak your furniture arrangements

All your preparations will be for nothing if a draught is blowing down the back of your neck or the surrounding heat is leaking away via a nearby cold window or patio door.

You may also like to move bulky furniture away from radiators to make sure the maximum heat is given out into the room.

9) Create a snug nest of blankets

If any day is a day for a duvet on the sofa, or an extra blanket or two on the bed, it's got to be a frosty February one. Spoil yourselves!

10) Cuddle up with a friend

Two-legged or four-legged, one of the nicest things about winter is a good old snuggle.

Do you have any more clever tricks for keeping the cold out? Share your thoughts and comments with us via Twitter and Facebook!

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