Update your garden with a splash of colour
HOME & GARDEN | July 26, 2016

Update your garden with a splash of colour

Add some pizzazz to your garden with a few touches of paint. Whether you plump for acid brights or more muted tones, bringing in colour provides year-round interest and can show off your planting to its best advantage.

Read on for some inspiration...


Add some pop to those plain pots


Perk up your patio pots with some colourful paint action! Hot neon pink might seem like a bold choice here, however it sets off the hints of red in the succulents' leaf tips to perfection. Take a look at how these old pots were painted.

When choosing colours for your pots, a great idea is to start with the shades that you most enjoy in your plants' flowers and foliage and work from there. Alternatively, you can pick out a contrasting colour so the effect really sings...


Wow! No more boring terracotta and black planters for us! 


Spice up a boring fence


Blogger Chris Holsen blasted these cheap metal decorations with orange spray paint, instantly adding a retro wow factor to a previously lacklustre area in his garden. We think this is an ideal fix for renters who have to live with 'safe' garden designs.   

Charity shops, junk shops and boot sales are the territory for winkling out potential garden decorations for pennies. Ceramics, metal and even plastic items can all be spray painted any colour you like!


Give a charming chair a second life as a planter


A rickety old chair, missing its wicker? A dash of paint and a new planter 'seat' and it's fit to grace any cottage garden. This idea is truly lovely.


Go vertical with wooden box storage


Small gardens can be tricky, especially if you get only minimal sun through the day. Make the most of a south facing fence by attaching rustic outdoor storage to the surface, a.k.a. painted wooden crates! 

Choose lots of colours with complimentary pot designs if you love a higgledy-piggledy feel. Choose one colour for your crates and pots if you like a minimal look and want to emphasise their uniformity.


Create a useful garden sideboard


Given a coat of paint, an old dressing table, kitchen island or even a few reconstituted wooden pallets could become a fantastically practical outdoor serving area and potting table. We're big fans of this fabulous reuse idea! 


Transform a junk mirror into a garden centrepiece


Trick your eye by 'opening up' an enclosed part of the garden with strategic mirrors. The coat of blue paint on this glamorous number brings it firmly into the 21st Century, along with protecting it from the elements.


Go wild with paint...


This spectacular painted decking project by Alisa Burke I've included here to inspire you to throw caution to the wind if you truly love garden colour! Her step-by-step description of the project is fascinating. 

I'm no artist, but I'm certainly going to be borrowing the bright red chair idea to match with my potted patio geraniums!


We hope you've been encouraged into action by these colourful garden ideas. If you're planning a project, or perhaps you've already completed it, please do share your tips and thoughts with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!


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