10 ways to reuse wrapping paper
LIFESTYLE | December 29, 2015

10 ways to reuse wrapping paper

Do you save the leftover wrapping paper from birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations? If not, make a mental note to do so in future, as it's incredibly useful stuff!

You can reclaim crumpled sheets of wrapping paper that would otherwise end up in the bin by carefully ironing them flat using this method


1. Make your own gift bags


This version from craft blogger Yours Truly, Gis made with newspaper, however we think it would be just as cute if you used an old sheet of wrapping paper instead.


2. Pretty up some DIY drawer organisers

If you're fed up of encountering a jumbled mess every time you need to find something in your desk drawer, this could be the answer! The bases of empty cereal packets make excellent drawer organisers and look great when covered with recycled gift wrap. Here's the DIY tutorial from I Heart Organizing.


3. Make a tin can desk tidy


When we saw this pen pot tutorial from My Interiors Life, we raced to the recycling bin to hunt for a can to use. So simple, yet so stylish.


4. DIY paper bunting


No patience for sewing yet want to get in on the bunting trend? Making bunting out of old wrapping paper is as easy as scissors-paper-glue. Centsational Girl has a tutorial for a Christmas version, though you may want to consider making them for Easter, Hallowe'en and all the days in-between.


5. Use as a packing material

Protect valuables when sending through the post or moving house with scrunched up or shredded wrapping paper. Saves you buying packing peanuts!


6. Make homemade firelighters

Shred uncoated, plain paper giftwrap and mix a pinch of shreds with a blob of Vaseline. Take a cardboard egg box and put this mix into one of the egg 'slots'. Fill up all the slots and you have yourself a handy eco-friendly firelighter pack that's perfect for camping trips.


7. Cover text books


Colourful, non-celebration-specific wrapping paper can be used to cover school textbooks and other notebooks so they stay in shape longer. Eighteen25 blog has a useful tutorial on the folding method.


8. Really love the print? Frame it!


Some wrapping paper prints are works of art - so why not treat them as such? Really stunning paper may be worth framing, even if you can salvage just a tiny piece. Alternatively, when Christmas comes around again, you could frame some seasonal prints as a festive display.


9. Line the backs of bookcases, the bottoms of drawers or anything else you like


Jollify your sock drawer with a lining of geometric print, or update a hideous old tray with a square of floral. Or go large! Tired-looking bookcases and cabinets can gain a new lease of life with an easy upcycle: a lick of paint and a co-ordinated wrapping paper backing. 


10. Reuse it as wrapping paper, of course...

Once you've ironed out the creases, simply roll the reclaimed pieces of wrapping paper around a cardboard tube and stash away for the next gift opportunity. 


What do you do with old wrapping paper? Share your comments and projects with us here or on Twitterand Facebook!


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