5 simple ways to give back this Christmas
LIFESTYLE | November 24, 2016

5 simple ways to give back this Christmas

The Christmas period is the ideal time for those of us lucky enough to get a 'long straw' in life to spend some time thinking of those who ended up with a 'short straw'. And in these turbulent times, it's more important than ever to reach out to those in need and give a little back in support of our strong, compassionate communities.

A small gesture or token can make a huge difference, no need to break the bank. Whether you have a few pounds or a spare hour or two, why not consider some of these simple ideas for bringing a little kindness to someone less fortunate this Christmas?


Donate clutter to a Shelter charity shop

The money raised from your book, toy and clothing donations can help ensure that thousands of children and their families wake up in a home rather than a hostel on Christmas morning.

Find your nearest Shelter charity shop


Show lonely relatives and neighbours that you care

Sadly, many older people in the UK are socially isolated and can be painfully lonely at Christmastime. If you have a relative or neighbour that you know will be alone during the festive season, why not let them know that someone cares by inviting them out for a cup of coffee, taking round a small gift or picking up the phone for a chat?


Donate to a food bank or pet rescue at your local supermarket

Next time you're in the supermarket loading up those Christmas goodies, grab a few extra non-perishable food items to put in the food bank collection basket on your way out. Your generosity will help a family make ends meet this Christmas.

Pet lovers, look out for collection points for local animal rescue organisations as their resources are often stretched thin during the winter months as well. A few tins of pet food, or whatever you can spare, won't go amiss!

Check the Trussell Trust website for a food bank shopping list


Reserve a place for a homeless person at Crisis

Can you spare £22.32 from your Christmas budget? If you can, a donation to homelessness charity Crisis will give someone living on the streets a wonderful gift: three hot meals including Christmas dinner, a safe bed, a shower and clean clothes. Most importantly and potentially life-changing, the folks attending the festivities at Crisis will receive a health check and treatment from a doctor, dentist and optician along with access to year-round training and support.

Find out how to reserve a place at Crisis


Donate to a cause instead of gifting

Stuck on what to get the tricky person who has everything and doesn't want any more 'stuff', thank you very much? Consider giving a donation in their name to a charity close to their heart instead of a Christmas present this year.


Greenredeem members in the Royal Borough, don't forget that you can make a difference by donating your Greenredeem points this Christmas!


Do you try to include seasonal acts of goodwill in your Christmas plans? Feel free to share your festive ways to give back with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!


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