Drop seeds, not bombs! How's this for a reuse idea?
LIFESTYLE | October 22, 2014

Drop seeds, not bombs! How's this for a reuse idea?

C-130 Hercules cargo planes were originally designed to drop landmines, yet the 2,500 sitting unused and decommissioned around the world could soon be put to much more positive use!

Former RAF pilot Jack Walters has come up with a way to outfit these neglected planes for use as 'aerial foresters', able to drop up to 900,000 'tree bombs' a day over large areas of deforested land. Each biodegradable 'bomb' contains moisture and fertiliser enough so the sapling has time to establish itself as the surrounding capsule slowly breaks down into the soil.

The planes' manufacturers, Lockheed Martin, are extremely keen on the plan: "The possibilities are amazing," Peter Simmons told the Guardian. "We can fly at 1,000ft at 130 knots planting more than 3,000 cones a minute in a pattern across the landscape - just as we did with landmines, but in this case each cone contains a sapling. That's 125,000 trees for each sortie and 900,000 trees in a day."

What do you think of the idea?

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