Get into the seasonal spirit without spending
LIFESTYLE | December 1, 2019

Get into the seasonal spirit without spending

Christmas adverts, Christmas offers, Christmas sales, Christmas fairs, Christmas late opening, Christmas junk mail… 

If you’re getting to the end of your tether with festive-related shopping and all that comes with it, can you carve out a day or so to get back in touch with the real spirit of the season? 

Can you carve out a day or so to get back in touch with the real spirit of the season?

Put on some Christmas music

No, not just the usual suspects. Sorry Slade. From post-punk to political pop and hip-hop, shimmeringly beautiful choral music and shoegaze, Christmas can be as floaty or funky as you like. 

Take a walk in the countryside

Bundle up and get out into the fresh air. There’s something very Christmassy about stomping along in the chill weather with the promise of a nice warm pub at the end. 

Donate some warm clothes

Mark Christmas by helping someone out with a set of clean, warm clothing.

Your local homeless shelter can advise on what they need, or take a bag into your nearest Shelter charity shop

Write a letter to Father Christmas

Even if you’re daft enough to think that Santa’s not real, sitting down to write a proper letter telling him about all the ways you’ve been good in 2019 and requesting nice things for everyone in 2020 is fun. World peace? Coordinated action on climate change? Why not? 

If you can spare the price of a stamp and get your letter in by 6th December, you can get a reply from Santa via Royal Mail’s Letter to Santa service. Alternatively, Father Christmas can send both kids and their grown-ups messages over video if you sign up via this free site

Do a Christmas themed workout

What could be more joyful than a festive bop to a banging Bruno Mars song?!
The Fitness Marshall’s ridiculous dance-along (featuring his very cool grandma) will have your heart singing in less than four minutes. 

Get in touch with an old friend

Is there someone you’ve been thinking about, but it’s been months or years since you last spoke? Drop them a line and see if they’re up for a Christmas catch-up over the phone or video chat. 

Help out at a Christmas event

If you’re lucky enough to have some spare time this Christmas, see if there’s a way you can donate some of it to a good cause.

Ask around and you’re sure to find plenty of events that could do with another pair of hands.

Go carolling

If belting out a carol or two isn’t yet one of your Christmas traditions, perhaps this year is when you start. Scan church noticeboards and Facebook pages for upcoming carol concerts, or look out for traditional Christmas folk song sessions held in pubs and community centres. 

Host Christmas drinks

Christmas is an excellent time to celebrate the people in your life, so get the neighbours round, ask your friends over or invite the family. Mulled wine and a mince pie would probably go down a treat, but your drinks really needn’t be elaborate, or even alcoholic. 

Have you heard of any other free ways to add to the Christmas spirit? Got any genius plans? Share your ideas with the community at Greenredeem’s Facebook page or send us your thoughts on Twitter

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