Make Easter Monday a no-screen Earth Day
LIFESTYLE | March 31, 2019

Make Easter Monday a no-screen Earth Day

Ever been ‘phubbed’?

Not some new type of viral prank; phubbing is what happens in a social situation when you are blanked by someone in favour of whatever they’re doing on their smartphone: PHone snUBBING. And if you haven’t yet experienced your first phubbing – lucky you – it’s not a fun feeling.

Have you ‘phubbed’ someone else?

Of course, it can be argued that some folks deserve a good phubbing, we’ll leave you to decide which, yet most of us will admit to at least one occasion when we’ve been so tangled up with our device that we’ve given a person we care about an accidental phubbing.

Ever had that odd feeling of ‘coming to’, when you suddenly find someone’s been trying to get your attention for an embarrassingly long time? Or look at the clock and realise online dawdling has stolen several hours that could have been spent engaging with real life? Or worse, that you narrowly miss being run over through trying to walk and manage your phone activities at the same time?

This Easter Monday, 22nd April, coincides with 2019’s Earth Day celebrations. If you’re off work, why not mark Earth Day by pausing the usual screen habit? Could you switch off WiFi and data for 24 hours? Log out of your go-to social apps? Delete that time-suck of an addicting game?   

What we could do instead…

>> Get in some quality time with our nearest and dearest, without the lure of distraction by notification chime. Have you all been lost in different screen worlds recently? Together in body, but miles apart mentally? This could be your chance to reconnect and remember why you like each other! 

>> Get creative, get messy. Screens are so smooth, so uniform, so hard on the eyes. Revel in some different sensory experiences. Dig out a cookbook and work those arms kneading dough or beating egg whites. Take a sketchbook and pencils for a walk in the park. Help the kids draw on the pavement with some chalk. Dig a hole for a DIY worm tower. Buy a tin of paint and give a piece of old furniture a new look. 

>> Get organised. Sometimes when phone life takes our attention away from real life, our day-to-day habits suffer for it. Could you spend this Earth Day planning some new habits or routines? Greener ones would be very apt, so why not clear out the kitchen cupboards, write a shopping list for a round of frugal, energy-saving batch cooking, take your bike to be serviced or visit the library for some books to help you start that veg patch?    

>> Get outdoors. The simplest days are often the best, so if the weather suits you, head out into the wilds and enjoy the feeling of focusing your eyes more than twelve inches away! Somewhere with good old-fashioned lack of phone reception would be ideal.

What are your plans for Earth Day, this Easter Monday bank holiday? Do you think you could set your screens aside for the duration? Share your thoughts with Greenredeem on Facebook or Twitter.

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