New fastest passenger train can top 310mph! But how?
LIFESTYLE | October 3, 2014

New fastest passenger train can top 310mph! But how?

The company that runs the famous Japanese bullet trains has begun public testing of a new train that's set to blow speed records for passenger trains out of the water!

So how does it work? Well, this is a so-called 'maglev' train. Can you guess? That's right - it works by magnetic levitation. The train is levitated a short distance away from a guide way using magnets to create both lift and propulsion.

Unlike normal wheeled trains, there's none of that 'leaves on the line' nonsense to disrupt timetables as guide ways are unaffected by the weather and, although initial costs are steep, low friction means low wear and tear, so they're much cheaper to maintain than 'normal' trains.

If all goes to plan, one day these trains will shuttle between Tokyo and Nagoya in 40 minutes flat - that's the equivalent distance of London to Manchester!

We love public transport at Greenredeem, and the thought of one day being able to travel at over 300mph (500kph) on the train is so exciting! Why bother with polluting flights when you can be there just as quickly via land? What do you think?

Wikimedia Commons image: Hisagi

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