The 'tiny house' owners living their green dreams
LIFESTYLE | October 1, 2018

The 'tiny house' owners living their green dreams

Have you come across the tiny house movement yet? No, it's not a wild band of fanatical doll's house decorators – just folks choosing to live simply and elegantly in homes smaller than the average double garage. The pay off? Financial independence, creative opportunities and a greener, less stuff-centric lifestyle.

These cosy homes invite us to reconsider how we live. Is bigger always better? How much space do we need to live comfortably? To work? To entertain? To relax? How many of the items we own are actually necessary? And what would you do if you didn't have to worry about rent or mortgage payments?

Nomadic bookseller goes on the road in France

La librairie itinérante, literally 'the travelling bookshop', is a tiny house created by Dordogne-based specialists La Maison Qui Chemine for Jean-Jacques, a bookseller with itchy feet and the dream of bringing lightly-used literature to festivals and far-flung French villages lacking a library or bookshop.

Tiny house bookshop

Barely five metres long and just two-and-a-half-metres wide (around 16ft by 8ft in old money), this clever trailer home manages to cram in a kitchen, composting toilet and comfy mezzanine bed space, along with space for a cash desk and several hundred of Jean-Jacques' books.

Inside the tiny house bookshop

Low benches can be used to display additional books, or provide a comfortable perch for new friends. Jean-Jacques often plays host to community meetings, book groups and readings in his wandering bookshop home. Idyllic!

A book group meeting inside the tiny house

Don't judge this photographer's tiny house by its colour

You know how they say that 40 is the new 30? Well, how about 60 being the new 20? For Clare Colins at least, turning 60 was the impetus she needed to sell her home and throw off a settled existence for an adventuresome new life touring Australia as a full-time professional photographer.

Outside of the tiny house in a white van

The Mouse House, her new tiny home, looks like nothing much from the outside: a bog-standard white transit. Yet, slide open the side door of this Tardis and you'll see why these so-called 'stealth campers' are gaining in popularity within the tiny house movement.

Kitchen and entertainment centre in the Mouse House

A handcrafted wooden interior gives her place the charm of a Romany caravan. Solar-powered, the home has a fully tooled kitchen, hidden shower and composting toilet facilities, so Clare can hunt down that perfect shot in total self-sufficiency.

The bed inside the Mouse House

This tiny house is a liveable work of recycled art

Artist Dominique Moody is known for recycling found objects into striking sculptures, and she's brought every inch of that sensibility to her tiny self-built house, The Nomad. How many homes have entranceways surmounted by spinning globe bubble windows?

The globe above the entrance to Dominique Moody's tiny house

Most of the materials inside the Nomad have been reclaimed and carefully reconfigured to luxurious effect. 'Portholes' from industrial washing machine doors, custom shelving from a network of reclaimed pipework and a chapel-like internal beam structure of recycled wood, this unique home-slash-artist-studio took three years to build.

The outside of Dominique Moody's tiny house

With her super-efficient tiny house, Dominique plans to travel across the US and beyond, making art from waste and neglected items discovered en route.

Dominique Moody by the door to her tiny house

Inspired? Could you ever imagine yourself downsizing to an eco-friendly tiny home? Or perhaps you already have? Share your thoughts and comments with us here at Greenredeem via Twitter and Facebook.

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