An employee engagement platform
promoting positive environmental behaviour change.

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Creating a

circular workplace

Understanding environmental needs

Understanding your
environmental needs

We'll undertake a full review of your business and assess your current environmental processes. This will enable us to deliver recommendations and create a personalised engagement plan for your employees.

Setting SMART Goals

Working together to
set SMART goals

With a full understanding of your business needs, we’ll agree SMART objectives that will be communicated across your whole business. Through Greenrspace we’ll work collaboratively to motivate employees to reach your goals.

Content Calendar

Create a tailored​
content calendar​

Once we have your goals in place, we will create an annual content calendar. Each month or quarter we will focus on specific activities to help motivate your employees in a fun, engaging and rewarding way.

How it works

Greenrspace is a platform that will allow you to communicate, engage and motivate your employees towards creating a circular workplace. 

Discover more about what we do in this short video:

Key features for

your business

Employee incentives

Incentivising employees

For taking part in activities and meeting set environmental targets, your employees will be rewarded for their efforts.

Re-use marketplace

Reuse marketplace

Buy and sell with fellow colleagues to create a sharing economy through our reuse marketplace - a great place to find a second home for unwanted items. 

Personalised platform

Personalising your platform

By incorporating your company colours, fonts and logos, your new engagement platform will quickly become familiar to your employees.

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