Access is key to on-the-go recycling, survey finds
IN THE NEWS | December 19, 2014

Access is key to on-the-go recycling, survey finds

Some 59% said they would recycle more while out and about if there was better access to facilities in convenient locations.

Greenredeem, which carried out the poll, uses recycling kiosks backed with incentives to encourage people not to bin their waste.

Rob Crumbie, the firm's communications director, said the survey showed there is a 'healthy appetite for recycling on-the-go'. He added: 'We believe that by making it easier, by incentivising and increasing the opportunities to recycle, consumers can recycle even more waste than they already do.

'Our research shows that the main barrier preventing local residents recycling on-the-go is lack of accessibility to recycling facilities. We are delighted to announce that we are rolling out Greenredeem recycling kiosks across the UK over the coming months.

'This roll-out is aiming to help local councils offer local residents the facilities that they are expecting, and will not only boost recycling rates, but also improve resident's attitude towards the council.'