Greenredeem launches largest ever pilot to understand how to motivate the recycling of plastic bottles.
IN THE NEWS | December 18, 2018

Greenredeem launches largest ever pilot to understand how to motivate the recycling of plastic bottles.

Greenredeem announces today the launch of the largest ever pilot to understand how consumers are influenced to recycle more plastic bottles, in support of the recently published DEFRA consultation. The pilot will provide insights and feedback into how incentives can boost overall recycling rates, gauge attitudes around single-use plastics and understand more about material capture.
The UK currently uses around 13 billion single-use plastic bottles a year with a recycling rate which has plateaued at 57 per cent for the past five years. Three billion of those bottles end up being disposed of, incinerated or littered, finding their way into the countryside or the marine environment.
Greenredeem have formed a collaboration of partners* from across the industry supply chain for the pilot, which will be hosted in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM). The partnership of companies will ensure a fully closed loop solution is tested, with the collection, recovery, processing and remanufacture all taking place within the pilot.
The pilot is being launched in two phases. It will both support and inform the consultation process and test the introduction of a RVM in a multi-location pilot area. It will provide independent and authoritative insight into how a RVM scheme could optimise the amount of recycling collected from consumers by testing a variety of different reward mechanics. A network of up to 50 reverse vending machines (RVMs) will be installed in strategic collection points across RBWM through two distinct phases.
Phase 1 will see RVMs installed in up to 25 schools in the Royal Borough. Pupils will be incentivised to recycle their plastic bottles & cans at school. For every receptacle collected, the school will receive a 5p donation, with a maximum fund of £50k available (£2k per school). Phase 2 will see up to a further 25 RVMs installed across the Royal Borough in the New Year in shopping centres, libraries, leisure centres and other places of high footfall, with a variety of different reward mechanics being tested to understand what motivates the highest level of recycling on the go.
Rob Crumbie, Director of Marketing & Communications at Greenredeem said, “Greenredeem has worked successfully in partnership with councils, brands and manufacturers over the last 10 years to motivate people to recycle more. With the recently announced consultation into the future of recycling on the go, we’re excited to be able to leverage our unique position to bring together the industry to help inform the outcome of this consultation in a positive way.”
Bradley Smith, Sales & Marketing Director at Grundon said, “This consultation is a really positive step in the right direction. At Grundon, we hope that the consultation will lead to policy that will improve the quality of recycling collected, support a healthy commodity market and encourage further investment into the UK collection and processing infrastructure.”
Cllr Mike Airey, Cabinet Member for environmental services for RBWM said, “At the Royal Borough we’ve always believed in taking a constant approach in promoting recycling to all our residents and in 2009, we were the first council in the UK to adopt a rewarding approach to recycling at home. During that time, Greenredeem’s Green Schools Programme has supported numerous schools across the Royal Borough and now we’re able to reward our pupils directly for recycling at their schools too”
*Partners involved in the pilot include:
  • Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead: Local Authority Partner
  • Grundon Waste Management: Waste Management Partner
  • Reiling Recycling: Plastic re-processor partner
  • Flight Plastics: Plastic manufacturer partner
  • Plastic Oceans Foundation UK: Educational awareness partner
  • Connecting London: IT partner
Notes to Editor
For more information, or to speak to a spokesperson from Greenredeem, please contact:
Rob Crumbie
Director of Marketing & Communications
M: 07827 971720