Let’s celebrate the fantastic work & thank Wokingham’s bin crews, as they just keep going!
IN THE NEWS | September 25, 2020

Let’s celebrate the fantastic work & thank Wokingham’s bin crews, as they just keep going!

It’s fair to say we’ve all had to adjust in recent months, perhaps going out less, working from home & adhering to social distancing rules. We know it’s been a challenge. For many residents across the UK, there’s been a genuine growing concern about whether or not bins are going to be collected.

In lockdown, bin crews were deemed key workers and were encouraged to carry on as best as possible during difficult times. That sounds great, but how do you social distance in a cab where you sit side by side with your colleagues between collection points?
While there were some considerable challenges, the team at Veolia managed to overcome each obstacle and provide a full service through lockdown; a time when over 3 in 5 councils across the UK scaled-back their services.
So, it’s time to meet the heroes of Wokingham Borough. If you see them out and about in the Borough just a simple ‘hello’ or ‘thanks’ would show that the dedicated Veolia team are appreciated. Perhaps if you’ve got time, a poster in your window or a card on collection day wouldn’t be missed.

What happened to waste & recycling during lockdown?

With more residents at home, and not going to work, the amount of waste and recycling that was collected in the Borough went up considerably. In fact, it was like Christmas week, but for over a month in Spring. There was a 17% increase in general waste and a 13% increase in dry recycling collected. Food waste recycling increased by a whopping 50%, despite suspending the availability of caddy liners.
However, it was the gardens of Wokingham Borough that created the biggest challenge. With the perfect storm of the temporary closure of re3 recycling centres, the warmer dry weather, and with more of us at home than normal, over 50% more garden waste was created. Veolia, the fantastic bin crews, kept on top of this and made sure that your garden waste was taken away for composting, just as normal.
It’s important that we mention, your praise hasn’t gone unnoticed and the crews have appreciated your support. Whether it’s emails, social media or letters, the team at Veolia have loved the acknowledgement of their hard work to keep the Borough cleaner & safer during these difficult circumstances.
So, let’s just pause and take this opportunity to thank the bin crews, working hard through a tough time to keep your kerbside collection services going as normal. Thanks guys & girls!