Greenredeem Kiosk - On The Go Recycling

On the go

Greenredeem kiosks are the new way to recycle on the go. Get rewarded for depositing your empty drink bottles & cans.

    How it works

    Download App

    Step 1
    Download App

    Download the Greenredeem app, click kiosk and reveal the QR code.

    Download App

    Step 2
    Scan QR code

    Click sign in button on the kiosk and scan your membership QR code, you are now logged in.

    Download App

    Step 3
    Scan Drink Barcode

    Scan the barcode of your empty drink container, following the on screen instructions and drop the used container down the correct material chute.

    Download App

    Step 4
    Collect Points

    Click finish and you're done!  Your points will be added to your account within 24 hours.