We motivate people to waste less & recycle more by
working with communities to change behaviours.

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how Greenredeem works

Build a community

Build a community

We build communities and motivate behaviour change. By working together, we achieve a greater impact.

Rewarding action

Reward direct action

Whether it’s reducing waste, recycling more or generally adopting a greener lifestyle, we reward people for their efforts.

Learn and earn points

Learning & earning

Through our adaptable communications we deliver behaviour change in a fun and engaging way.

Some of our

engaging activities

New fun and engaging content is added each week. Learning through activities such as taking a pledge, quizzing, watching a video or reading a blog is both informative and rewarding.

Blog - Back to nature: forget plastics, the future is bamboo

This week, to mark the International Day of Forests on Saturday 21st March, we’re thinking about that marvel of the natural world, bamboo. Not only do bamboo forests make fine locations for sword fights, its fast-growing, endlessly self-replenishing wood can be used as a sustainable replacement for polluting plastic.


impact & results

Recycling truck

290,000 tonnes 

recycled by members collectively

Green actions

24.1 million

Green actions taken by members each year

 emails sent

5.76 million

Direct communications each year

What we do

There are lots of benefits by adopting a rewarding approach to increasing recycling and reducing waste.

Hear more about what our partners say in this short video:

The original and most established

way to deliver behaviour change

Reducing waste since 2009

Reducing waste
since 2009

Since 2009 we’ve worked with many councils, retailers, brands and manufacturers to get their residents and customers wasting less & recycling more.  

Members recycle more with Greenredeem

Members recycle
twice as much

Using household collection data, we know that Greenredeem members recycle twice as much and twice as often. 

On the go recycling kiosk

"On the go"

We motivate people to recycle on the go and have seen thousands of plastic bottles and cans deposited into our network of recycling kiosks.

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If you want to know more about how to motivate your residents or customers to waste less and recycle more, then get in touch.

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Our partners

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What our partners say about us

Understanding people are motivated differently

Through participating in green actions, members can reward themselves and others.
Here's just some of the ways our members have spent their Greenredeem points:

Supporting good causes

Local & national donations

Greenredeem members can donate their points to help the local good causes, schools or national charities. Over the last 10 years we have helped raise support and funding for projects big and small.

Projects funded:  232

Points donated:  79.2 million

Grants made:  £165,000

Boosting the local economy

Personal reward

With over 500 national and local partners already signed up, Greenredeem is a great way to advertise your business for free. By offering a small incentive,  this can really drive sales and increase footfall to your store or website.

Rewards ordered:  1.18 million

Money generated in the local economy:
£6.7 million

Greenredeem Local businesses

Turning points into prizes

Feeling lucky?

Every month we give our members the chance to win prizes using their points earned from taking action. From iPads to TV's, hotels to experience days we have rewarded our members in 100's of different ways.

Prizes given away:  4,800

Prize draw entries: 1.9 million


Achievements, awards and featured press

We're lucky enough to have been recognised across the industry for the work that we've done in motivating people to recycle more and waste less. Some organisations that have recognised our work include:

2014 Oxfordshire Business Awards
BBC News
2016 National Recycling Awards
International Green Awards
Global Cleantech 100
BBC News

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